DLand for Children

For each DLand® toy sold, we donate another to needy families with children.

That ALL children have toys, this is one of our main objectives. We have the way to do it and we will also reuse millions of containers that would go to waste. In addition, it is the children themselves who turn them into toys with a simple gesture. The one that makes 5 as it was a waste, now it’s a toy! (and we generate thousands of waste every day).

When a school of a certain population (or neighborhood) places an order and sells, for example, 50 DLand® envelopes, we give 50 toys to the food bank of that population (or neighborhood) because they give it to those families in need and with children. In this way who makes the gift to children in need are their parents, not us. This action has been done thanks to the fan that the school has made and we recognize it. The school contributes to an ecological action that improves its environment and a social action that helps the needy families closer.

The same happens when those who buy the toys are private through the web, or when a company, association or entity orders us to produce one (or more than one) personalized model with their brand.

For each toy sold, we donate another!