DLand® Roadplate (X crossing)


The streets and sidewalks of the city are the perfect place to place buildings, accessories and start playing!



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Base plate of 33×33 cm, of pressed cardboard of 4 mm thick. Laminated on both sides, with relief on the sides and perforations to place the accessories. The plate can be used on both sides, has a street design on one side and without a street to the other, to be able to build squares, parkings or place more buildings. The streets reproduce the original texture of DLand City, full of small circles. According to the author these circles would be magnetically charged and would cause cars to run without touching the ground (like when we approach two magnets at the same pole). Unfortunately, to the version to play we could not reproduce this property …yet 😉
There are 4 different models; a straight line, a 90 degree bend, a crossing and a T-shaped corner. Every envelope contains 1 model and it is a surprise.

Additional information

Weight 318 g
Dimensions 35 x 35 x 0.5 cm


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