3 Little DLand® Characters Bag


Letters, numbers and punctuation marks … Learn by playing!



Converts the packaging into toys in only 3 seconds. Each bag contains 3 surprising models, of different sizes and designs. There are two sizes to be able to adapt to the bricks of 20cl and 1 liter with rectangular base, the first “game” will be to find which container best fits each DLand®, then you can start combining the different letters and numbers for be able to make words, names, mathematical operations … or play with the characters!
This collection is designed so that younger children begin to familiarize themselves with the combination of letters, numbers, writing, reading … so that they can learn while they play.
There are many different models, collect them!

DLand® covers can be washed, ironed, they do not require any maintenance, and they can be carried in your pocket to be able to play anywhere

Additional information

Weight 28.0000 g
Dimensions 18.0000 x 13.0000 x 0.5000 cm


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