DLand® School

DLand® School is the part of the project that wants to collaborate with the schools, because the children can learn by playing.

Ask to the students that tomorrow bring a container that go to throw; a bottle of plastic, a tetrabrik, a tin of soda, a tin of olives…Etc. The next day will have to a munt of boys with a munt of waste. We speak them of the problem of the waste, of how recycle some (although the majority finish in the dumps, or worse still, scattered all over). Next we give them our DLand® Covers and in some seconds have converted the waste in toys…

We want to convey that waste must be reduced and reused as much as possible. In addition they are the same children who turn them into toys with a simple gesture. 5 seconds ago we had a waste, now we have a toy! It seems magic but it is not, it is real and if any of these children learn and repeat this little action, our talk would have been worth it.