The power of everyone to reduce the global waste.

PROBLEM: Millions of containers add daily to the trash or end up indiscriminately scattered across rivers, beaches, oceans, forests, etc …, causing serious damage to the environment.

SOLUTION: You must reduce the number of waste, consuming products that respect the environment, recycling or reusing them to give them another utility. DLand® reuses the packaging and turns them into toys so that ALL children can enjoy them while they help the Planet.


ECO DLand in towns and cities


The Sustainable Commitment is an action with strategic value and inspiring will that promotes the awareness and participation of companies, businesses, organizations and people who want to contribute to the ecological and social improvement of the city. The Commitment establishes 3 great objectives, one pedagogical, one ecological and another social.
The final action is to make the City Council, through DLand®, aware of people, businesses, businesses and organizations that have to generate less waste, which can be converted into toys and a good part will be donated to families in need of the same population through the food bank.
Companies, businesses and organizations that participate will be making an important direct and very effective Corporate Social Responsibility action. People who collaborate will know that with a very simple gesture they can participate in an effective way to preserve the environment and the happiness of the most disadvantaged families in their environment. All this leads us to a better environment, for those who receive and those who give.
We talk about commitment because we know that raising people’s awareness can not be done with a punctual action, but rather it must be continuous so that we can integrate it into our routine. The same happens with throwing containers in the corresponding container, it is an action that to be effective takes time and perseverance. That is why ours is not a promotional action that takes place on a specific day, but on a continuous basis. Commitment that is already carried out in other cities and countries of the EU.
We want to promote the rational use of resources to as many cities as possible to move towards “zero waste and we promote the reuse of packaging. in a fun, easy and very effective way. Consider the waste as a resource. Make information and awareness campaigns. Improve waste management prioritizing in this order the reduction, reuse and recycling, above the energy recovery. Apply the criterion of proximity and responsibility in the treatment of waste.
Giving another solution more focused on the reuse to give time to manage much better the waste inevitably manufactured.
We have the methodology to promote the welfare of people in the 3rd sector, our products are made by people at risk of social exclusion and the fabric with which they are made is made from PET bottles recovered from the ocean.
We know that a City-DLandworld collaboration could entail numerous eco-social benefits, for this reason we want to meet with people from the government team to raise our methodology and find its viability.

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